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Bankruptcy Attorney
in Fort Collins, CO

Are you overwhelmed by debt? Levi A. Brooks, Attorney At Law, P.C. helps resolve your financial problems with bankruptcy filing. We work with you to determine what option is best for your needs.

When you choose us, we sit down with you for a free consultation to listen to your needs and discuss options. We are well-equipped to provide solutions to any debt problem. Our attorney explains in an easy-to-understand way how bankruptcy laws enable you to wipe out credit card debt and medical bills. We can also eliminate certain Federal Tax Liability.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is frequently called liquidation bankruptcy. It is filed to stop lawsuits, stop levies against your hard-earned income, and legally erase debt, as well. In it, you are allowed by law to protect the equity in all your property up to certain limits. In the event your equity exceeds the legal limits, the court will order that property liquidated – or sold – for the benefit of your creditors.


We charge a $799 flat-fee. The client is also responsible for the $335.00 filing fee as well as the fees for the required credit counseling and financial management courses.

What I Can Do For You

  • Analyze Your Situation And Explain Your Legal Rights And Options
  • Take Steps To Stop Lawsuits, Garnishments, Tax Levies, Foreclosures And Other Collection Actions
  • Vigorously Represent You Through All Stages Of The Bankruptcy Process, Including Defending You Against Creditors
  • Assist You In Reorganizing Business And Personal Debt
  • Protect Your Rights As A Debtor Or Creditor In Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Help You Get A Fresh Start