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Bankruptcy & Family Law
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Everyone deserves a second chance. That's why the bankruptcy and family law professionals at Levi A. Brooks, Attorney At Law, P.C. are here. Our firm in Fort Collins, CO, helps make your case as easy as possible. If you need to understand your legal rights, are seeking to modify a previous order, or need counsel to assist you with a pending trial or appeal, let the attorneys at Levi A. Brooks, Attorney At Law, P.C. assist you. We are here to help!
Many individuals believe that filing for bankruptcy means you've reached financial ruin. We believe that bankruptcy is a way to start fresh. Through the years, we've helped many individuals and business owners to deal with bankruptcy and foreclosures.
Family law is often an emotional area of the law requiring innovative yet heartfelt solutions to difficult issues. We have built a solid foundation balancing the well-being of your family members with solutions for a better union and clarity for the future.
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Rob S.

"Levi is like the special forces attorney in family law!

When I found Levi I was going through a highly charged divorce where I was being attacked it seemed from every direct. I retained Levi on a Thursday right before my divorce court date which was the next Monday. I was trying to do everything myself. Thank God that he took my case and was available for Monday. After he heard my divorce case and I was leaving his office he went to shake my hand and all I could do is hug him. I was so stressed and overwhelmed. When in court there were things thrown at him/me that I had know idea that these things were going to be thrown. He he literally was like a special forces paratrooper being dropped behind enemy lines being fired on from all directions. Levi kept a very level head and very ethical in all his actions. He calmed me down and helped me look past the right now emotional responses that I wanted to respond with.

I am amazed how he pulled everything together over a 3 day weekend and two of those days were the weekend and come through court helping my kids and myself. I really think he is an angel from God put here to help people in need for his services."